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Car knowledge about the interpretation of the term

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Compression ratio

Cylinder compression ratio is the ratio of the total volume of the combustion chamber volume, which indicates the extent of the piston is moved from the bottom dead center TDC in the cylinder gas is compressed. Compression ratio is an important parameter to measure the performance of automobile engines.

In general, the greater the compression ratio of the engine; at the end of the compression stroke the pressure and temperature of the mixed gas is higher, the faster the combustion speed, and thus greater engine power, better economy. However, the compression ratio is too large, not only to further improve the combustion, but will appear deflagration, ignition and other abnormal combustion surface phenomenon, in turn, affect the performance of the engine. In addition, the engine compression ratio to improve further restricted exhaust pollution regulations.


Cylinder working volume refers to the piston top dead point from the lower dead point to the gas volume swept, also known as single-cylinder displacement, it depends on the bore and piston stroke. Engine displacement is the sum of the working volume of each cylinder, usually in milliliters (CC) to represent. Engine displacement is one of the most important structural parameters, it is more than the number of representatives of the cylinder bore and the size of the engine, many of the indicators are closely related to the engine displacement.


Reactive power is the object in the unit of time doing. Within a certain speed range, the car engine power and engine speed into a non-linear proportional relationship, the faster the speed

The greater the power, the smaller the contrary, it reflects the car within a certain period of time as the function force. Compared with the same type of car, the greater the power, the higher the speed, the maximum speed of the car is also higher.

Engine output speed with a great relationship. ¡Â With increasing speed, the engine power is also a corresponding increase, but to a certain speed after power but declined. General Description of the maximum output power of the engine revolutions per minute while the mark (r / min), as 100PS / 5000r / min, that is, when 5000 revolutions per minute maximum output power of 100 hp (73.5kW).

Commonly used to describe the maximum power dynamic performance of the car. Maximum power for general use horsepower (PS) or kilowatt (kW) to represent 1 horsepower is equal to 0.735 kilowatts.


Torque is a force to rotate an object occur. Engine torque refers to the torque output of the engine from the crankshaft end. Under conditions of constant power is inversely proportional to its relationship with the engine speed, the faster the speed torque is smaller, the greater the contrary, it reflects the car in a certain range of load capacity. In some cases it can truly reflect the car's "character," such as when starting or during mountain driving, reaction torque higher car will run better. To compare the same type of engine car, the greater torque output greater carrying capacity, better acceleration, climb vocational stronger force, shift the number of the less wear and tear on the car will be relatively reduced. Especially when the car starts at zero speed, but also shows the higher torque to enhance speed advantages.

Representation of the engine torque is Nm (Nm). The same power as the largest general description of the engine output torque is also marked revolutions per minute (r / min). Maximum torque generally appear in the low speed range of the engine, as the speed increases, the torque but will decline.

Multi-point EFI

EFI car engine fuel injection device is normally provided by the oil, sensors and electronic control unit group composed of three parts. If the injector is mounted in the carburetor original position, that the whole fuel injection engine is only one point, which is a single-point EFI; by more than one place if injector is mounted on each cylinder intake manifold, namely gasoline injection (each cylinder has at least one injection point) spray people cylinder, which is multi-point fuel injection.

Closed-loop control

EFI engine closed-loop control system is a real-time oxygen sensors, computers and fuel quantity control close triangular relationship between the three devices. Oxygen Sensor "tell" the air-fuel mixture in the case of computers, computer sends commands to the fuel quantity control device to adjust the air-fuel ratio toward the theoretical value (14.7: 1). This adjustment is often little more than the theoretical value, the oxygen sensor to detect it and report the computer, the computer then issue the command transfer back to 14.7: 1. Because each adjustment cycle very quickly, so do not deviate from the air-fuel ratio 14.7: 1, once run, this adjustment on a continuous closed loop. EFI engine with closed loop control, due to the make the engine always runs in the ideal conditions (air-fuel ratio is not too much deviation from the theoretical value), which can ensure the car not only has good dynamic performance, but also fuel-efficient.


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