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Stamping Introduction

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Steel worldwide, 60 to 70% is plates, most of which are punched into finished products. Car body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator, boiler drum, container housing, electrical, electronics and other core silicon are stamping. Instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, living utensils and other products, there are also a large number of stamping parts.

Stamping Compared with castings, forgings, with a thin, uniform, light, strong features. Stamping workpiece can be produced with ribs, ribs, undulating or flanging otherwise difficult to manufacture in order to improve its rigidity. As a result of precision molds, precision parts up to micron level, and high repeatability and consistent specifications, the nest can be punched out holes, bosses and so on.

Stamping machine

Stamping machine

Cold stamping generally no longer by cutting, or only a small amount of cutting. Hot stamping accuracy and surface state less than cold stamping, but still better than castings, forgings, machining less.

Stamping is a highly efficient method of producing composite mold, especially multi-position progressive die stamping process can be completed more channels on a single press, implemented by strip uncoiling, flattening, punching to the forming, finishing the whole automated production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production cost, generally produce hundreds per minute.

Stamping mainly by technology classification, it can be divided into separate step and forming step two categories. Separation step, also known as punching, which aims to make stampings separated from the sheet along a certain contour, while ensuring quality requirements separate section. Surface and internal performance stamping sheet metal stamping impact on the quality of the finished product a lot, requiring precision stamping material thickness, uniformity; smooth surface, no spots, no scars, no bruises, no surface cracks; uniform yield strength, no significant directivity; uniform elongation; yield ratio low; hardening low.

Ningbo Haina Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo China, which is famous for the second biggest container port in China. We  specialize in  a wide range of aluminum&zinc casting , CNC machining and metal coating  .we also have strong ability in mould developing in house.

Our factory has  casting machine from 180T~1200T and  high precision CNC machine made in Japan. we have established quality assurance system conforming to ISO9001-2000 &TS16946 standard. our products have been successfully exported to Europe,north America,Japan and other country .


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