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Weekly auto and auto parts industry: gradual release of favorable policies, follow-up is expected to pick up

2015-10-28| Publisher: | To view:

Industry News.

1, September auto sales rebound expected annual growth rate of 3%; 2, some 90% lower performance targets in 华德国 car prices; 3, SAIC concentrated force next year to push new energy electric hybrid plug 3; 4, car prices started the year ending wars leveraging government red shock "silver ten."

Market Review.

Automobiles and auto parts sector, the CSI 300 Index fell this week were up +5.62%, + 5.14%, which the passenger sector, the commercial truck sector, the commercial passenger carrier plate, auto parts sector, car service sector rose declines of +1.54%, + 6.09%, + 4.77%, + 8.81%, + 7.75%. Can be found this week, auto and auto parts sector outperforming the broader market 0.48 percent, only passenger cars and commercial sector of passenger sector underperform.

Industry hot.

Interpretation sales rebounded in September, SUV still the main growth point. September car sales nationwide 2,024,800, an increase of 2.1 percent, the National Automobile cumulative sales 17,056,500, an increase of 0.31 percent, car sales has been warmer; September National Automobile production was 1,894,300, down 5.6% National Automobile cumulative production of 17,091,600, an increase of 0.8 percent, the growth rate remained low. Cumulative sales of passenger vehicles in which the country's 14,547,800, an increase of 2.75%, sales rose slightly. Sub-model point of view, SUV is still the main growth points, up 58.79%, car and SUV sales accounted for respectively 54.3% and 32.4%, up 0.6 and 0.4 percentage points respectively, MPV sales accounted for 9.2%, a decline of 0.3 percentage points. Points of view cars affected gold, nine silver ten effects, all cars have achieved positive growth MoM, but only autonomy, Japanese and German sales rise year on year, respectively, 6.88%, 14.90% and 2.15%.

Policies help, sales are expected to continue to rebound. September 29, the State Council resolution displacement of 1.6 liters and below passenger vehicle purchase tax halved implementation. During November, SAIC-GM brands Buick orders compared with last year grew by 57%; the total number of orders for the Chevrolet growth of 75%; the mass displacement of 1.6 liters or less brand models also achieve substantial growth, showing a significant effect of the New Deal. We believe, 1.6 liters and below passenger cars accounted for a higher, approximately two-thirds, and the major growth in car sales in the small and compact SUV based, preferential policies to stimulate a wider surface. At the same time, the calculation, reducing the purchase tax, bicycle purchase costs will fall 4.273%, while the higher sensitivity of users of small cars for the price, the New Deal will stimulate user demand to a certain extent, vehicle sales are expected to continue to pick up.
Police Index once again high, in October or remain high. Warning stock index in September was 55.7 percent, above the Coorong back again. Specific sub-indices, the overall market demand index was 53.4%, the chain increased 5.7 percentage points, stock index was 59.1%, the chain increased 13.4 percent. We believe that in the case of policies favorable, October car sales is expected to continue to pick up, but near the end of the year, manufacturers will cause auto task Yaku increase the amount of inventory early warning index is still likely to remain high.


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