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International Automotive Components Group at the opening of the new factory in Tianjin, China: to continue to expand the scale

2015-10-28| Publisher: | To view:

Tianjin, China October 26, 2015 / PRNewswire PRNewswire / - a leading global automotive interior parts supplier International Automotive Components Group (IAC) continues to expand its business on a global scale, yesterday in Tianjin, China New Manufacturing factory - Shanghai Songjiang IAC automotive carpet acoustic elements Limited announced the grand opening. This is in the past two years, IAC in seven countries in the first 14 newly opened facilities. The plant opened, IAC in the number of facilities around the world increased to 104.

This factory covers an area of 5,200 square meters (56,000 square feet), the number of employees will reach 180 people. Mercedes factory will produce vehicles carpet, sound system and car interior roof decoration, models include the GLC, GLA, C-class and E-class. This factory plans to expand next year 4300 m2.
    IAC Group President and CEO Robert S. Miller, said: "We have the factory in Tianjin reflect what we have been committed to using high-quality manufacturing facility to support our global customer base which is consistent with our global strategy. "" I am that I can participate in our company's growth excited. I look forward to any of our customers around the world where we need to continue to give them our support. "
    Since its inception in 2006, IAC built many facilities in China. This facility in Tianjin is China's first IAC in 16 factories. So IAC in total 30 factories throughout Asia, including the company's new regional headquarters in Shanghai (June 2014 opened) IAC in Tianjin before the opening of this factory, the company's factory in Hangzhou, China, in 2015 July opening, which is in addition to the latest before the opening of the Tianjin factory this factory.
    IAC is the world's largest specialized manufacture of automotive interior parts suppliers. But the core principles of the company's extraordinary design, extraordinary engineering and manufacturing processes, while continuing its relentless pursuit of the company culture but product improvement. IAC in 2006 in 11 facilities worldwide. And today has grown to more than 100. As recently as September 2015, IAC company celebrates its two new facilities opened in the UK. The opening of the facility is to support its continued growth in the global auto industry.


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